Taixing Huarui: refrigeration compressor upstart talk about quality practical stealth

Time:2021-07-15 Pv:361

Refrigeration business according to reporter understanding, huarui taixing refrigeration equipment factory set up time is not long, know the merchant manufacturer of taixing huarui refrigeration company is not much more special, but the cold fair market to huarui, deeply felt huarui taixing refrigeration specification production and advanced technology, let a person to a look forward to more domestic compressor industry.

Huarui taixing refrigeration equipment factory general manager zhou told yi-qiang li, the company in June last year to produce a compressor, but the company to the quality of the product is high quality, the company has professional and technical personnel, in has the strict quality management system and standard, so less than a short one year, now the sales volume has reached more than 3000 of compressor, This year is expected to hit new highs.

Li Yiqiang expressed his appreciation for the development of Taixing Huarui. He believed that the standardized development of Taixing Huarui would be very good for the future of the company. With the continuous promotion of the market, the reputation and brand of Huarui would have greater influence and the future development would be unlimited.

Zhou Jianhua also praised the charm of the Cold Expo. He believed that the China Cold Expo is getting better and better year by year, both exhibitors and visitors have greatly improved, and the company will continue to support. "Huarui is developing gradually. We have goals and directions. At present, the company is also moving forward steadily.